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Charlie O
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Beautiful product, super fast shipping. Great communication

Kaiini L
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Great leather quality, and beautiful detail in the artwork. Definitely recommend! 

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Such high quality and beautiful art work. we love it more because it's true to the Polynesian culture

Katerina Mauri Moko Mauri Moko

Posted by NĀ KOA on

Katerina Mauri Moko Mauri Moko

Katerina Mauri Moko


Kia ora koutou katoa, Mauri Moko, Mauri Ora”

Kathy was born and raised in Rotorua, Aetoraoa, a town that has one of the richest concentrations of Maori culture in all of New Zealand. From ages 8 till 29, she expressed her heritage by performing kapa haka (A kapa haka performance involves singing, rhythmic dance and the ferocious looking haka movements.)  Kathy even traveled to Europe, the US, Korea, Taiwan, Fiji and Indonesia as a performer.

Kathy started to study tā moko (Maori tattoo) to help keep the Maori traditions alive and also to carry on the legacy of her late father who was a Tohunga Whakairo (Master Carver).

In 2010, Kathy started tā moko on skin and has never looked back.  Since then, she has also earned a certificate in Maori Art and started her Bachelors in Creative Industry in 2016.

She is dedicated to constantly learn in order to teach Maori Art to younger generations. 

“I am proud to be a female tā moko artist. In the time I’ve been an artist, I have met the most beautiful people from all’s absolutely fulfilling and I love it!”

Get in touch with Kathy at  or at

Katerina created the Polynesian tattoo art for 'Eleu cuff bracelet and Niho cuff bracelet.