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Charlie O
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Beautiful product, super fast shipping. Great communication

Kaiini L
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Great leather quality, and beautiful detail in the artwork. Definitely recommend! 

Stars reviews Verified Purchase

Such high quality and beautiful art work. we love it more because it's true to the Polynesian culture

Hano Fernandez Pacific Rootz Tattoo

Posted by NĀ KOA on

Hano Fernandez Pacific Rootz Tattoo

Hano Fernandez

Hano Fernandez' clients describe him as a happy man, always ready with a joke and a smile. He grew up on Maui, and has Tahitian, Hawaiian, and Cherokee ancestry among others.  Hano apprenticed with Samson Harp at Pacific Rootz Tattoo and still works there.

When Hano is not tattooing, he plays with big knives as a fire knife dancer in several productions on Maui.  Fire knife dancing is nearly as big a passion of his as tattooing. He says "I have the biggest knife", and we believe him!

Hano Fernandez during a fire knife performance

Hano created the Polynesian tattoo art for the Ki'i slim billfold men's wallet and Ipu cuff bracelet.