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Eugene Ta'ase - Eugenius Tattoos

Posted by NĀ KOA

Eugene Ta'ase

“I have always been fascinated with Polynesian art and have been drawing for as long as I can remember,” Samoan tattoo artist Eugene Ta’ase says. Eugene started his tattooing career on Maui when he moved there from American Samoa and his interest in Polynesian tattoos quickly turned into a passion.
His art is most influenced by the traditional Samoan motifs, but he also incorporates other Polynesian motifs. The result is a fiercely beautiful pan-Polynesian style with a distinct Samoan flavor.
Eugene was one of the first Polynesian tattoo artists to create art for us.  He never stopped and has become the most prolific of our artist 'ohana.  In fact, he's the creator of several of our best selling products.
Eugene created the tattoo art for a classic Hawaiian Samoan tattoo bifold wallet, a Samoan tattoo bifold wallet, and a trifold wallet with Polynesian tattoo.  He also designed a Samoan tattoo design for a card holder, that is a great match for his Hawaiian Samoan bifold wallet and trifold wallet designs, and a second Hawaiian Samoan tattoo design card holder.  For women,  Eugene created the Ikaika Hawaiian Samoan tattoo for a clutch wallet. We also offer Eugene's classic tattoo design on a leather cuff.
After years of tattooing in Maui and Oahu, Eugene moved to Las Vegas, where he practices his art now. Get in touch him at