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Why Father’s Love Samson Harp’s ‘Ohana Tattoo

Posted by NĀ KOA

Samson's 'Ohana wallets are some of our most popular with fathers.  It's easy to understand - the ‘ohana tattoo is all about family and your love for family. 

The intricate design is centered on a large honu. It’s easy to find.

But do you see the many other honu – the keiki (kids)?  How many do you see?

Here they are.  They are drawn in different sizes and various stages of development.  You can feel that there are even more honu “outside” the drawn tattoo. 


As a kanaka maoli (of Hawaiian lineage), Samson’s allegiance is to the cultural significance of Hawaiian and modern Polynesian tattoo art that evolved organically. In the ‘ohana tattoo, he also included native Alaskan motifs.

In addition to machine work, he is one of only a handful of artists around the world who use the traditional kakau tools (also known as tatau, or hand-tapping) to place Hawaiian motifs on clients that have the mindset for the ancient method and tattoo motifs.    

See him talk about his wallet here

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