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The NĀ KOA Story

NĀ KOA is Hawaiian for “the bold”, “the courageous” “the warriors”.

At NĀ KOA, we believe that life is meant to be lived on your terms.
Not to conform to the expectations of others, but to be yourself.

And to proudly express who you are.

We found that personal expression in the powerful and fiercely beautiful Polynesian tattoo art.

In ancient times, Polynesian tattoos signaled important personal traits such as their wearer’s prowess, status, lineage, and more. Worn by one of Hawaii’s elite koa warriors, they could instill immediate fear.

Today, Polynesian tattoo artists combine motifs in designs that can express the wearer’s unique experience, passions, hopes and goals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring the striking tribal tattoo art with its powerful meanings to leather gear.

Each NĀ KOA tattoo was designed for the specific product so you can determine what the art represents to you.  Your reading of the art turns your wallet into a touch stone of what’s important to you or what you’re striving for.

Of course, your NĀ KOA gear can also “simply” be a strong statement of your personal style – and that you’re bold enough to live life on your own terms.

No Fakes

From the beginning, our battle cry was “Real artists, real leather.”

Tribal tattoos have become so popular that many tattoo artists simply fake it. We want nothing to do with them. All NĀ KOA gear features Polynesian tattoo art created exclusively for us by artists who are deeply rooted in Polynesian tattoo traditions.

NĀ KOA gear is hand crafted from genuine leather, not fake “leather.” Printing artwork on PU ”leather” is cheap and easy – but these fake “leathers” are nothing more than plastic. There’s no way we would use them. Instead, it took us years to find the unique process that places the art on genuine leather in a way that leaves the characteristic touch, smell and feel of real leather, but also makes the tattoo art completely durable.

Giving back

We are lucky to be in Hawaii, to work with amazing artists, to immerse ourselves in the ancient cultures of the Pacific Islands. Lucky to be surrounded by the Pacific Ocean – but concerned about the oceans, and our environment, too.

That’s why a portion of our profit goes to the Surfrider Foundation. The Surfrider Foundation is dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s ocean and beaches.

And talk about “bold”: we already made a donation, before even opening our doors. Yes, we are passionate about our unique line of NĀ KOA gear – and so sure that we’re not the only ones who want to use a wallet that makes a bold statement and has real meaning, that we’ve shared our profit before even having one.

Do you want to know what inspired us to create the NĀ KOA line for you?  You can read about it here.