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Maori tattoo cuff - Art: "'Eleu" by Katerina Mauri Moko

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Maori tattoo cuff - Art: "'Eleu" by Katerina Mauri Moko

$24.99 You Save: $-24.99 (100%)

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Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather
Poly Tattoo Artists
Poly Tattoo Artists
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Hand Crafted
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Ships from Hawaii

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GENUINE POLYNESIAN TATTOO by Maori (New Zealand) tattoo artist Katerina Mauri Moko

The focus of this Maori tattoo is on strengthspeed and agility.

ADJUSTS TO WRIST SIZE 3 sets of snaps let you adjust the cuff to the size that’s most comfortable to you. (For small wrists, also check the smaller sizes of our cuffs).

THICK PLIABLE LEATHER:  The tattoo art is placed on the leather with a unique method that leaves the natural leather exposed and preserves its distinct feel and finish.

AGES BEAUTIFULLY - the leather breaks in and softens beautifully the more you wear it (many of our customers wear theirs daily)  

DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE each cuff has been crafted with love and care from high quality leather. Due to our unique method of applying the tattoo to the leather, the tattoo won’t rub off. 

NO WORRIES ABOUT GETTING WET  - wash your hands, wear it in the rain, or when you swim. (Rinse with water after swimming in the ocean, so that the salt does not corrode the metal snaps)

SHIPS FAST FROM HAWAII directly to you anywhere in the US within days.

Order your NĀ KOA cuff wristband today and enjoy a unique accessory that makes a personal statement.

    Art and Artist
    'Eleu by Katerina Mauri Moko.

    Motifs and Meanings*: The focus of this Maori (New Zealand) tattoo by Katerina is on strength, speed and agility. It is often tattooed on thighs to portray the athletic ability of the wearer. This tattoo also refers to the wearer’s Journey in life with a connection to the ocean (fish scales) and the guardian shark (shark’s teeth).

    *according to the artist as well as additional popular interpretations.

    Thick leather cuff bracelet that looks great on male and female wrists.

    Adjustable to best fit your wrist:  3 settings from 7 to 9 inches in wrist size.(For smaller wrists, see the smaller version of this cuff)

    2 inches wide to show off your chosen tattoo art

    Snap closures close your cuff securely

    NA KOA logo incorporated into design


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Yessah! Supa Happy

    I have the Eleu. LOVE it. Temporarily living in Oregon ... Really keeps my mind grounded on things back home. I wear it almost everyday. And no I'm not being a "fanboy" to get free merch (but I'll gladly take it lol)

    Just really glad I got it.

    Wrist cuff

    Love it, play all over the city in a Hawaiin Ukulele club in Chicago and will wear at our next gig...can't wait.

    Monica Darag
    Do not receive items


    Aloha Monica,

    We are so sorry that you did not receive the order. We are sending you another package but before we do so, can you please email me your shipping address just to confirm if our system got the correct one because the first shipment we sent got returned to our warehouse.


    Anake Poni
    Great Fit!

    Aloha Kakou, this is a small and fits me perfectly! I ordered 2 of the regular size and they are too big for my small wrist. Waste money, not sure what to do with them. But I LOVE the small ones!! This actually is my second of the same motif meanings! Mahalo, Na Koa

    You can return the cuffs that are too large for you to us within 30 days of getting them. Or maybe they can be gifts for some people in your ohana this Christmas. It would be such a shame to waste them. By the way, the cuff pages show the wrist sizes that the cuffs can adjust to.

    Oral Mauigoa
    Beautiful but small

    Absolutely beautiful designs and great concept, Samson does all our family tattoos. Only thing is, we bought these for our teenaged boys who are average sized, fit, and these cuffs barely fit their wrists. So I can't imagining these fitting the average Polynesian man correctly. Just looking out for our Polynesian people, where size really does matter.

    Talofa! I'm so sorry that the cuffs are tight on your sons! The sides wrists this size can do is 9 inches (the cuff's page shows the wrist sizes it can adjust to). Your comment makes me think of making the cuffs in an XL size, too. Mahalo and fa'afetai for taking the time to made your comment!

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