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Polynesian tattoo bifold wallet - Art: "Manu" by Eugene Ta'ase

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"Purchased a slim billfold 2 years ago in Maui, husband loves it!!! Has held up excellent!!! "

Polynesian tattoo bifold wallet - Art: "Manu" by Eugene Ta'ase

$44.99 You Save: $-44.99 (100%)

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Genuine Leather
Genuine Leather
Poly Tattoo Artists
Poly Tattoo Artists
Hand Crafted
Hand Crafted
Ships from Hawaii
Ships from Hawaii

Product Description


GENUINE POLYNESIAN TATTOO by Samoan tattoo artist Eugene Ta’ase. 

“Manu” tells THE STORY OF A GOOD LIFE:  providing for your family, strength, courage, voyage, and happiness.

SOFT GENUINE LEATHER:  The tattoo art is placed on the leather with a unique method that leaves the natural leather exposed and preserves its soft feel and finish.

SLIM WALLET FOR AN EASY FIT into your back or front pocket - no bulging pants pockets. Yet it can hold a lot of your stuff.  The pliable leather will mold itself to comfortably accommodate your daily wallet essentials. 

DURABLE AND DEPENDABLE each wallet has been crafted with love and care from high quality leather. Due to our unique method of applying the tattoo to the leather, the tattoo won’t rub off.  

SHIPS FAST FROM HAWAII directly to you anywhere in the US within days.

Order your NĀ KOA men’s wallet today and enjoy a unique wallet that makes a personal statement.

Art and Artist

Motifs and Meanings*:
*according to the artist as well as additional popular interpretations.

The Samoan tattoo motif tells the story of a joyous life through:

  • fish and ocean waves (the source of nourishment and abundance, and life itself),
  • spearheads (the strength and courage to face any obstacle)
  • birds (journeys).
  • topped by the sun shining down over mountains, the way it does in the islands (joy and happiness).

Tattoo artist Eugene Ta’ase started his tattooing career on Maui when he moved there from his native American Samoa.  

His art is most influenced by the traditional Samoan motifs, but he also incorporates other Polynesian motifs.

The result is a fiercely beautiful pan-Polynesian style with a distinctive Samoan flavor. 

Eugene is the creator of several of our best-selling products.

Nowadays he practices his art in Las Vegas.  

Order your NĀ KOA men’s wallet today and enjoy a unique wallet that makes a personal statement.

- 4 card slots for credit cards —you can fit more than one card into a slot
- 2 additional slide-in compartments for receipts, cards and more
- Full length bill compartment with stylish black on black stripes interior lining
- Convenient ID window
- Made from 100% genuine leather—soft and pliable
- NĀ KOA signature logo debossed inside

- Dimensions:
4 1⁄4 “ (L) x 3 1⁄4 “ (H)
Weight: 2 oz

All NĀ KOA Polynesian tattoo wallets for men come in a ruggedly attractive gift box, and make a great gift for anyone who likes to stand out from the crowd with a beautifully-designed, unique wallet.

Order your NĀ KOA men’s wallet today and enjoy a unique wallet that makes a personal statement.


Customer Reviews

Based on 190 reviews
The best

We bought this in Hawaii in 2017 hole traveling there. My husband has used it daily since and just lost it a week ago :( I’m so glad I found it online. This wallet showed no wear/ tear after all that time of use (and he’s super hard on his things). I had thought the little silver design would come off eventually but it never did the leather stayed really nice and soft. I’m happy to be buying again!

Mike Salinas
The last one...


I just managed to buy the last one! A special shout out to T. Tupa’i from the Schofield Barracks Exchange, HI USA for shipping it all the way down here to the "9th Island." ~Mahalo 🤙

Stephanie Essman
Poorly made

I purchased this wallet for my boyfriend’s birthday. He lived in Hawaii for many years and I thought it would be a special gift. The leather is so thin and it felt so cheaply made that I did not give it to him because I was embarrassed to. It was a waste of $60. I will not be purchasing again

Aloha! I am so sorry you don't find the wallet is what you were expecting! Please return if for your refund. We do not want anyone to spend money on our products without being happy with them.

That said, I want to assure you that the wallet is not cheaply made - in fact they are crafted by hand individually - and the leather is the top quality of leather. Quality leather on men's wallets is 'thin' but strong because the pieces are sewn together. For example, at the edge of a wallet, where it also meets any compartments or credit card slots, the seam may go through 3 or 4 layers of leather. If the leather is thick, then the edge and therefore total thickness of the wallet is also thick - and the wallet is less comfortable in a man's pockets. Yet there is no risk of the leather ripping. Leather is a very strong material.

Again, I am very sorry that you were disappointed, especially with something that you wanted to give as a gift to someone special in your life and I urge you to return it for the full refund.

Sylvia Wong

I bought this Manu blk/silver wallet for my son's birthday and he loved it. It's well made, the leather is soft and pleasant and the stitching is smooth. The design and meaning is what my son liked the most!
Most definitely be back for orders.


Beautifully made, arrived quickly and was of exceptional quality.

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