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Megan Jones 808 Tattoo

Posted by NĀ KOA

Megan Jones

Born and raised in Maui, Megan Jones learned her craft from Samson Harp, working at Samson's Pacific Rootz Tattoo. She also counts Tricia Allen as an important mentor and influence in her life.  
In addition to tattooing, Megan is also an active practitioner of Hawaiian culture, including carving. Tattooing has taken her to conventions in Aotearoa (New Zealand), Europe and of course the U.S. mainland. 
Megan's exuberant bird wing tattoo for our Lawe tote bag holds special meaning for her.  "The manu (bird) is sacred to me," she says.  Megan herself has many bird tattoos,including one by her teacher Samson Harp which he gave her when they first met. 
She uses the bird motif to represent direction in life, or to bring people back to where they're from.  "Being able to fly away, but also being able to come home, and respect where you're from.  To create a new future, but respect those in the past," she says. Another special meaning that she expresses through birds is the representation of people who have passed on in our lives, and who now guide us through life.  
Though she loves Maui, and especially Lahaina, Megan lives and works on Oahu, at 808 Tattoo in Kaneohe.  Get in touch with her at or Instagram @meganjones808tattooA