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A Labor of Love

Posted by NĀ KOA

A Labor of Love - NĀ KOA

It all started with Derek. We met him on a drive up Haleakalā and on one of the stops he took his shirt off.

Derek is in amazing shape, but what made him look downright regal were the Polynesian tattoos on his chest, lower back, shoulder and arms that had been designed for him by his Tahitian cousin.

Derek on our trip up Haleakalā

Of course you see “tribal tattoos” all over the islands, but asking somebody about the meanings of their tattoo is just not being done: A Polynesian tattoo is often deeply personal and is created by the artist specifically for the wearer.

And here was Derek, generous with his tattoos’ story and with being scrutinized.

We decided then and there to bring striking tribal tattoo art that has meaning to leather gear.

That’s how a 3 year journey to create NĀ KOA gear started.

But of course turning an idea into reality isn’t easy. How hard was it?  Read about it here.