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Teva Lowy South Side Ink Tattoo

Posted by NĀ KOA

 Teva Lowy

Teva was born in Hawaii from Tahitian and Seychelles parents, but his art is firmly rooted in Tahiti. He learned tattooing from his friend Teni (aka “Gringo”), one of the most well-known Tahitian tattoo artists, along with his Marquesan cousins. Teva travels to Tahiti every year to spend time with his family and friends.
Though Teva is also versed in Hawaiian and Samoan tattoo styles if a client requests it, his natural style is a mixture of Tahitian and Marquesan, which he enjoys the most. Like all good Polynesian tattoo artists, he creates tattoos specifically for his clients, based on the meaning the client would like represented. “I pretty much feed off their energy, what they tell me,” he says.
In addition, Teva is also the creator of a line of clothing, shoes and headwear featuring his tattoo art at 
Reach him on Instagram @southsideinktatau