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Manehu Cuff Bracelet

Hawaiian tattoo art: Mau by Kuaika Quenga



The Unisex cuff bracelets are made from thick leather that will break in and soften beautifully with wear. 

The Manehu cuff bracelets are made from genuine, thick leather that will break in and soften beautifully with wear.  The cuff bracelets come in two sizes so they can fit your wrist.

  • thick pliable leather that ages beautifully
  • Large: 2" wide    Small: 1 3/4" wide
  • Adjustable to: Large: 7 ¼ , 8 ¼ and 9 “wrist sizes   Small: 6/14" and 7 1/4" wrist sizes
  • Breaks in beautifully with wear
  • Leather has no problem getting wet in ocean or when washing your hands
  • Hawaiian tattoo and Pan Polynesian tattoo art will not rub off
  • NA KOA logo

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So add an Akamai card holder to your order of a Polynesian tattoo wallet! You basically save half of the cost of the card holder with the free shipping!


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Thick leather cuff bracelet that looks great on male and female wrists. Two sizes so they can fit your wrist. Large: 2 inches wide, snap closures in 3 settings from 7 to 9 inches in wrist size. Small: 1 ¾ inches wide, snap closures in 2 settings from 6 ¼ to 7 ¼ inches in wrist size.

Motifs and meanings*:  Perseverance. Hawaiian tattoo artist Kuaika Quenga used tattoo elements of birds, mountains, the flight pattern of the albatross and flowers that thrive even in harsh conditions to signify perseverance. 

*according to the artist as well as additional popular interpretations